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Cute French Bulldog, Smudge must come to the rescue of some beagle puppies in this sweet cozy mystery.

Melody loves baking, her French Bulldog Smudge, and her fiancé, Sheriff Alvin. She also loves to help, so when the local animal shelter needs it, she leaves Smudge there to assist them with some super cute puppies. The little beagles will soon be ready for adopting, but Melody senses trouble at the shelter. How she wishes she had listened to her spidey senses!

When Smudge and the puppies go missing, she must do all she can to get them back. Will she be too late? Find out in this fun, sweet, cozy mystery.

The Pruitt’s are going through a rough patch.

Beth and Michael Pruitt are suffering from a strained relationship. They love their farm but it only barely supports them. It’s easy to see that things are only going to get harder for the farm and their family. All Beth and Michael want is to provide for their daughter. How can they do this when the road ahead appears so dark?

Long hours of hard work resulting in very little money has sucked the love from their marriage. Beth and Michael are desperate to recapture the love they once had. They are constantly hearing about the success families are having over the Oregon Trail. The Pruitt’s wonder would it be possible for them to make that amazing journey.

When disaster strikes, it changes their lives forever bringing about a world of new possibilities. Can they use this to rekindle the love that once burned bright between them?

Find out in Beth’s Faith a new lovely romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

Bridgette Hampton wanted only one thing from marriage… true love. 

Now she is coming to the end of her third season. She has had plenty of offers, but none have called to her. It is time to accept reality. If her sisters and mama are to keep their house she must marry and marry well.

Lord William De Clare is a wealthy Baron and he needs an heir. Love is not for him, not after his one true love left him for a better title. All he wants is an honest woman and so he makes a brutally honest proposal. 

Bridgette found the baron intriguing but as he makes such a cold proposal she felt her heart breaking… and yet she knows she must accept.

Can she find peace in a loveless marriage? 
How will she cope with the Baron’s spiteful sister? 
Just when Bridgette feels as if her marriage has meaning, the Baron’s lost flame returns?