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A Secret Journal that could destroy three lives This is a short, clean Amish romance story.

Matilda and Ester Lapp have planned their Rumspsringa for many years.

The twins had big plans until they find out their mother left them a journal. A journal their father has kept secret all these years. Now there is a rift in the family. Matilda has left alone and will not come back until she gets the journal.

Can Jesse Stoltzfus, a farmworker and son of the Bishop, reunite the family and find the love he seeks? Or will the secret that surrounds the journal destroy three lives forever.

Then her mind saw Jesse’s striking gray eyes. They were like clouds on an icy morning. They spoke of depths that she had never imagined, of a magnificence that she could not comprehend. Could he like her? Or was he just being nice to her as a favor to her daed?

Amish betrayal, young love and Duty.

When Ester Lapp’s twin sister Matilda left because of a secret journal Ester was angry. She stayed home feeling betrayed and yet loyal to her father. Now he arranges to marry her off to a neighbor and her thoughts are in turmoil. Then a handsome and exciting Englisch man asks her on a date.

Will she find love among the Englisch or with the Amish man chosen by her father?

Lucy has always dreamed of true love.

There are only a few things that Lucy Esch wants out of life, true love, a pet to call her own and to talk with her God. When it seems she will be denied the first two, she runs away into a coming storm. When all seems lost, she finds a bedraggled kitten, injured, and almost starving.

Can she save its life, and will she find her true love, or are her problems and heartache just beginning?