Indiana Wake Newsletter Exclusives

Indiana Wake Newsletter Exclusives

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The Pruitt’s are going through a rough patch.

Beth and Michael Pruitt are suffering from a strained relationship. They love their farm but it only barely supports them. It’s easy to see that things are only going to get harder for the farm and their family. All Beth and Michael want is to provide for their daughter. How can they do this when the road ahead appears so dark?

Long hours of hard work resulting in very little money has sucked the love from their marriage. Beth and Michael are desperate to recapture the love they once had. They are constantly hearing about the success families are having over the Oregon Trail. The Pruitt’s wonder would it be possible for them to make that amazing journey.

When disaster strikes, it changes their lives forever bringing about a world of new possibilities. Can they use this to rekindle the love that once burned bright between them?

Find out in Beth’s Faith a new lovely romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

A brave doctor, a terrible wrong, an abandoned dog, and a new start. Can the Bamber family find happiness in a town called Blue Sky Falls?

Jonathan Bamber was a successful doctor, renowned in Boston until one of his wealthy patients dies. Despite the fact that there was nothing he could do, he and his family are driven to the brink of destitution. They realize that their only hope is to start again out west.

Together, with his wife and five daughters, they make the perilous journey to a new town. Caroline, his eldest daughter, is especially reluctant to leave behind her fiancé. She cannot see a new life ahead of her. When they find an abandoned puppy, it brings the first smile to her face in a long time. Could their problems be over?

Only their troubles have followed them. Once more, it looks as if they must move. Can this family find love and peace in a new life or will they be destined to keep running? Find out in A New Start to Love a sweet historical western romance by bestselling author Indiana Wake.

Constance is so in love that she ignores the gnawing doubt at the back of her mind.

Constance has been courting Russell Melton for two years. They are in love, and she knows that soon they must marry. Though she understands her father’s fortune has changed, she cannot imagine that Russell will mind, after all, he is a wealthy man.

When Russell starts to avoid her, she makes every excuse for him that she can.

However, her father, Francis, knows the marriage will never happen. He can see what sort of man Russell really is. Now he has a hard decision to make. There is a chance for Constance, one that will help the family, and see her escape the shame and humiliation. What is this chance, and can he find the courage to talk to her about it?