Winning the Lady’s Heart

Winning the Lady’s Heart
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Rowena is blinded by dreams of the perfect romance. Will she recognize real love before she loses it forever?
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About the Book

Nineteen-year-old Rowena Shaw is looking for her fairytale prince. She has a clear image of the dashing and brave man who will sweep her off her feet. While Rowena and her Aunt are visiting friends in London, she swiftly falls for the handsome and charming Francis Butler.

Francis is her fairytale come to life, the man oozes charm, good looks, and money. She gladly accepts his proposal of marriage but there is more to Francis than meets the eye and Rowena might not like all she discovers.

Jonathan Bennett harbors a deep love for Rowena. He has been her neighbor for years and she has been his dear friend and confidante. At last, he gathers the courage to tell her how deeply he loves her, only to discover she has become engaged while away.

Will Rowena see Francis’ true colors before it’s too late, or will scandal and heartache scar her future? Can she escape the terrible marriage? Will her blindness to Jonathan’s feelings leave her with nothing but those fairytale dreams?

Find out if true love conquers all in Bestselling Author Charlotte Darcy’s Winning the Lady’s Heart.

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