Where the Heart Belongs

Where the Heart Belongs
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Two sisters, Eliza and Claire Reynolds are searching for love but blind to what’s in front of them.

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About the Book

Ask retired military man Barnabas Miller anything about soldiering and he has all the right answers. Unfortunately, recognizing the love standing in front of him is much more difficult. Eliza and Barnabas enjoy discussing his great adventures and her conversations thrill him but neither of them realizes how deep their feelings for each other go.

Seventeen-year-old Claire is having trouble finding her place in the world. She seeks her older sister Eliza’s help. Oxford student William Partridge knows exactly what he wants. He’s madly in love with Claire but he has no idea how to tell her.

When Claire tries to help Eliza with Barnabas and Eliza tries to help Claire with William mishap and misunderstandings follow. Will love find a way or will the two sisters end up estranged by betrayal and lose the men in their lives?

Find out if love can overcome in this delightful sweet Regency romance.

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