The Unexpected Bride

The Unexpected Bride
Series: Aspen Hollow Brides, Book 1
Genre: Mail Order Brides
Tag: mail order brides
ISBN: 9798860038288

Brave Amelia Bennett takes a daring journey across the country to find love and a family to call her own.
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About the Book

Bookshop owner Amelia Bennett is tired of a life without love. She’s twenty-five, looking for more from life, and decides to become a Mail Order Bride. She’s hopeful of a better future after exchanging heartfelt letters with a Cattle Rancher from Colorado.

Jonathan Edwards is a widow looking for a mother for his five-year-old son Jack. Since the passing of his wife, he’s had trouble showing emotion and knows that his son needs a feminine touch. On paper, Amelia appears to be a great choice for a wife.

Amelia makes the treacherous trip west, finding new friends along the way. She’s optimistic about her new family but is shocked when she arrives. Jonathan isn’t like the warm man in his letters; he’s cold and unapproachable. The ranch is battered by storms, and Jonathan’s old flame turns up.

Has Amelia made a terrible mistake?

Amelia adores little Jack and wants to help him mourn his mother and grow into a fine young man, but Jonathan’s cold and rude behavior has Amelia second-guessing everything.

How can she live with a man who can’t love her?

A storm is brewing, and the ranch is under threat. Can Amelia find her way in this harsh and hostile land?

Read this heartwarming story of love and redemption and ride along as Jonathan learns to let go of the past and live again.

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