The Trapped Bride and the Brave Farmer

The Trapped Bride and the Brave Farmer

Will Jennifer disobey her parents, to escape the dreadful marriage they planned for her?

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Jennifer Markham has led a loving and sheltered life. It is not her way to disagree, but when she is matched with Beau Merton, she realizes that she wants a life of her own. That she wants a man who is honest and principled. Is that too much to ask?

Beau, the son of the richest family in Hope Ridge, is spoiled and entitled.

Jennifer is shocked when Beau asks a farmer to help destroy the local Indian’s. She is more shocked when the farmer, Gordon Stanton, turns him down. No one stands up to the Mertons!

Jennifer seeks out Gordon to thank him. He has planted a seed of discontent. Can she let it grow into her freedom, and if she does, will she ever find love?

Find out in The Trapped Bride and the Brave Farmer a sweet mail order bride romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

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