The Surprise Bride

The Surprise Bride

Lollie is heading West as a Mail Order Bride – Surprise, Secrets and Anguish await her but will she find true love?

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About the Book

When Lollie was given her ultimatum, become a nun or leave the orphanage she knew there had to be a better way. So she wrote to a good man out West. Four months they exchanged letters and she was falling a little in love. At last he asked her to marry him and she couldn’t be happier.

Now she is heading West, despite her best friends misgivings. “They pretend to be sweet and caring, and then when you get there it’s all a lie… they’re ugly, nasty creatures who want a slave and not a wife,” Emma said as they waited for the train.

But it is too late. Lollie is committed, somehow she knows this is right for her. It is as if God is guiding her hand.

As she steps off the train Lollie knows it is too late to have doubts she is here. What will she find? An ugly, nasty creature who wants a slave? But it is worse. All this time she hasn’t been writing to a man, but to his mother… Garner Gentry has no idea who she is…

Alone in the West without a friend in sight. Can Lolly find love or will she have to go back to Boston and become a nun or enter the workhouse?

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