The Simple Matter of Love

The Simple Matter of Love

Sixteen and vulnerable, Grace Bates must leave her job to escape her terrible master. To become a maid for Jamestown looks like her best option but is the New World really that much different?

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When Grace runs to save herself from her lecherous boss she ends up on the Good Ship Warwick heading for the New World. Tales of opportunity and fairness have brought her here. The chance to be a bride and not just a servant is her dream, but can someone of her stature ever expect equality?

James Spears, a wealthy man of breeding and education has built a fortune in Jamestown. He has spent the last eight years lonely and resentful that his father sent him away. The riches he has created mean nothing to him nor do the women who chase him for his wealth.

Young Grace helps James one night and he can’t stop thinking about her. When he offers her marriage, a terrified Grace turns him down. Because of his greater status, she cannot help but think he must be like her old employer in England.

As lies and class raise their ugly head, Grace must search for the truth. Will she find it along with the love she has always wanted? Find out in The Simple Matter of Love a sweet mail order bride romance with a guaranteed happy ever after.

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