The Shamed and Shunned Bride

The Shamed and Shunned Bride

Shamed and Shunned can Ella win the love of her Sheriff or will her secret be her destruction?

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About the Book

Ella has been sent West as a shamed bride. Sold to a family friend who does not want her. Sheriff James Shelby is strong, handsome, and colder than the winter winds. Though never a drinker he spends his nights in the saloon while his new bride is all alone.

Can this continue? Can she stay with this man who is winning her heart despite his cold shoulder?

Ella knows she must leave and she seeks out the friend she met on the train ride west. Colette will help her.

Only her troubles don’t end there, a ranch dispute, unscrupulous cowboys and a shootout are only a few of the things she must cope with.

Will she find her way back to her sheriff or is her love doomed to blow away like the desert sands?

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