The Scarred Bride and the Handsome Carpenter

The Scarred Bride and the Handsome Carpenter

The Marriage agency had promised a new beginning, they lied. Kelly is scarred, traumatized, and dispirited, with her two friends they wonder what will become of them…

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About the Book

Kelly and her friends, Jacalyn and Martina met on their way to Medford, Oregon. They were brought together by a mail order bride agency, and had been found husbands, for a fee. Only the men they were to marry ended up robbing them, and in Kelly’s case, maiming her with a scar across her face. The women got away, barely, and fled to the one safe place they could find: a boardinghouse in Medford.

What will become of them?

John and his two friends come to Medford after selling their carpentry business, determined to find the Marriage Agency that scammed them out of their money three months previous.

The three men hunt for clues but are making little headway. Meanwhile John starts to like Kelly. But Kelly’s past is slowly sneaking up on her and threatening to put her in danger once more. Is her blossoming romance with John enough to save her, or will she be a victim of her poor past decisions?

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