The Rat Catcher’s Orphan

The Rat Catcher’s Orphan
Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: Victorian Romance

Jane Ashford has never known kindness, but at least she was safe.

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London 1856. Jane is just another orphan, working for cruel and wealthy employers while dreaming of a family she never knew. One night she meets Franklin Wakeford and secures an offer of a much better position. It seems like a dream come true. Perhaps she can even save a little coin?

Only Franklin is not after a housekeeper, he wants something much worse. Now, young Jane is on the run wanted for a terrible crime. Fleeing for her life, she races down the dark and dismal streets of Victorian London until she trips over a tiny urchin.

The dirty and dishevelled girl guides her to a dark and dismal room full of starving children and a terrible scratching noise. Introduced to Harry Newland, she is offered a place to hide. Once the pursuit has died down, Harry offers her a job, a way to earn her keep. Jane must do as he says and work with the terrible rats, for if she refuses, he will tell the Peelers where she is and she will hang for her crime.

When he places her in a home, she sees a glimpse of true happiness, but what must she do to keep her terrible secret? Must she betray those who treat her well?

Can Jane ever escape the Rat Catcher and his web of deceit? Will she ever find kindness or even love?

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