The Rancher’s Son

The Rancher’s Son

A hard working maid, a hidden Love, can Lucy have it all or will she end up with no hope and no home? Find out in The Rancher’s Son.This is a special 2 book edition and includes a 2nd book Trinity’s Loss.

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About the Book

Lucy has always known hardship. All she can remember is life at the orphanage. When she was 16 she was thrown out and she walked and walked until she found a job.

The Mortimer household was everything she could have dreamed of. A roof over her head, good food, and hard but fair work. She has friends here and the closest thing to a mother she has ever known. But it is Griffin that causes her so much joy and so much worry. The Rancher’s Son is kind and good to her and despite her best efforts she has fallen in love.

Griffin loves Lucy more than he can bear but he knows it will never be good enough for his father. He wants to stand up to the overbearing man… and yet he never has. When his father proposes he marry another he knows something must change but there is more trouble coming.

His new fiancée has spotted his feelings, will she cause trouble for Lucy? Will Griffin finally become his own man? Will Lucy lose everything, even her home?

Find out in The Rancher’s Son a sweet and inspirational Western Historical Romance by bestselling author Indiana Wake.

This is a special 2 book edition and includes one of my books that is a reader’s favorite. Get Trinity’s Loss for free when you pick up this double edition.

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