Under the vast Colorado sky, a mail-order bride unwraps an unexpected Christmas gift—a love as enduring as the mountains.

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About the Book

In the sprawling vistas of the American West, Charlotte Jacobs exchanges her silken gowns for the gritty reality of a gold prospector’s bride. What has she done?

Jake Turner’s callused hands may shape the very mountains, but it is his unwavering spirit that must carve a place for love in the wilderness.

Charlotte’s journey is fraught with more than the perils of the heart. A suitor’s persistence shadows her while the unforgiving wilderness tests her resolve.

Can she unearth the courage needed to forge a new life? Will the Christmas miracle she dreams of be buried under the weight of gold and ambition?

“Will love or gold prevail when the heart battles the claim?”

Join Charlotte and Jake as they discover that the most precious gifts are not always found beneath the Christmas tree but in the shared beats of an untamed heart.

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