The Pioneer Brides of the Oregon Trail Box Set (Books 1-5)

The Pioneer Brides of the Oregon Trail Box Set (Books 1-5)

FREE with Kindle Unlimited – 5 heartwarming tales of love, romance, and triumph over adversity in one fabulous box set.

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About the Book

It is 1843, follow 5 brave women as they cross the Oregon Trail to find love. This wonderful box set contains the following books:

Trinity’s Loss – Trinity Pruitt, was as excited as any 20 year old, heading out on a new adventure for a new life. Long weeks of hardship, exhaustion, dust, and barren land followed. Then, something happened on the Oregon Trail that would change her life forever.

Carrie’s Trust – Carrie Easter traveled the Oregon Trail to serve as a doctor. The small surgery in a new town would be perfect. However, Bart Thornhill, a local landowner and entrepreneur, does not think that a female doctor is the right choice.

Josie’s Dream – Josie Lane, newly orphaned on the Oregon Trail, is almost a slave to the family that rescued her. She is working for the roof over her head and the food in her belly. When she is offered the job to care for John Shepard and his baby girl, she wonders if this is a new life or more of the same.

Polly’s Choice – Polly Lane left her parents buried out in the wilderness on the Oregon Trail. Then her new love, Travis Hurst, headed to California and the gold mines. “I’ll be back for you as soon as I can.” It is 10 months later, and Travis is nowhere to be seen.
Gavin Swain saw Polly sat on a straw bale, and he knew he would never look at another woman as long as he lived. Only now, Travis has returned, will Polly make the right choice?

Charlotte’s Wedding – Charlotte’s world collapsed when she lost her beloved Matthew on the Oregon Trail. She must survive for her beloved daughter, and so she is married on the trail soon after. Can she keep her dreams alive and learn how to love again?

You will love these wonderful heartwarming stories that will fill you with tears of both sorrow and joy.

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