The Pickpocket’s Christmas

The Pickpocket’s Christmas
Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: Victorian Romance

At fifteen years old Emma Mason is left to care for her young brother, David. Can she survive the lecherous landlord and will she be able to keep a roof over their head?

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About the Book

Emma never understood the realities of poverty until her dear mama became sick. Now she is alone and she never found out the secret of why their papa left them. It doesn’t matter, he is not coming back. That was just a childish hope she needs to let go.

What must two children do to survive Victorian London?

Emma must take care of her brother and do everything she can to keep her job. Only she hides a terrible secret. One that could lose them everything.

Seeing danger in every kindness, they are left without hope. A chance encounter on the market could bring good fortune. Has David found a way to take care of them.

Are their fortunes looking up or is this the nightmare their mama always warned them of?

Perfect for lovers of Dilly Court, Faye Godwin and Emma Hornby

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