The Orphan’s Hope

The Orphan’s Hope
Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: Victorian Romance

A lonely girl must face a dark future now her only friend has gone. Nora Peaton once had hope. Now her friend has left the orphanage and she must suffer the desolation alone. Shivering under a thin blanket she shares her pallet with six other girls and takes the worst of the cruelty.

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About the Book

Miss June runs the place with a steel heart. Cold and hungry Nora works her fingers to the bone afraid she will die before her dream can come true. Is a warm bed too much to dream of?

When Nora is hired as a maid, it appears her life will change. Only Miss June will not let her experience happiness and crushes The Orphan’s Hope.

Grab The Orphan’s Hope now to find out if Nora can escape her past in this gripping tale set in Victorian London.

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