The Orphan’s Courage

The Orphan’s Courage
Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: Victorian Romance

A heart-warming tale of how one orphan dreams of a better future.

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About the Book

Valeria only remembers life at the orphanage. Hunger, cold, and constant hard work is all she has ever known. The only lightness in her day, is the book she managed to find, and her good friend Nora. The two girls dream of a better future and life with a family. What must it be like to go to bed with a full belly? To sleep with your own blanket?

One day she sees a boy sneaking into the orphanage and is intrigued. Who would want to break into such a dreadful place?
Soon she is friends with Allen and finds out that there are worse places than even she knows.

But time is running out for Valeria, soon she will be too old to stay and the workhouse beckons. Can she find a family in time? What will happen to Allen when he is discovered at the orphanage?

Trouble stalks old London town, will the orphan finally get her dream or will she discover that life is always hard and unforgiving?

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