The Orphan in the Blue Satin Dress

The Orphan in the Blue Satin Dress
Genre: Victorian Romance
Tags: Audiobooks, Victorian Romance

The Lambeth Workhouse is no place for nice dresses, so why does Violet Marsh dream of a pretty blue satin dress?
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About the Book

Violet remembers nothing of her life before the poverty of the workhouse. Her only comforts are a recurring dream and little Joe, the cheeky orphan, who is her one friend.

But, life is hard in the workhouse. At eight years old, Violet has learned to keep quiet about her dreams. She has learned that there is little hope for the future. Soon she will be separated from Joe as the two are taken from the children’s area and segregated with the adults. Now their lives will be work and sleep with little in between.

She can only see Joe in passing, and it breaks her heart. They dreamed of escape and making a future together, but when Joe steps in to protect Violet, he is beaten. When he disappears, she fears the worst. That he is dead.

Now she is all alone, and the cruel master is turning his lecherous eye to young Violet.
She has to escape, but what does Victorian London have to offer an orphan with nothing but the workhouse uniform on her back?

Violet will find friendship and fear, hope, and despair, love through courage, but will she ever discover if the dress in her dream is real?

Find out in this beautiful Victorian romance that will have you laughing and crying as you walk through the dark Victorian streets with a girl whose courage knows no bounds.

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