The Orphan and the Horse Whisperer

The Orphan and the Horse Whisperer

Carrie Wallace crept around the Merton house like a thief in broad daylight. Asking herself if this was worth it to be a maid?

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About the Book

Joe Merton is a mean man. Hard on his staff and what he wants, he gets. The way he treats Carrie leaves her afraid and timid. The only bright spot in her life is watching Elliot Gray, the man who works with the horses.

His touch is magic with the noble animals, Carrie could stare at him all day.

One night when Carrie cannot sleep, she takes a walk for some cool air. A meeting with Elliot and a member of the local Indian tribe will change her life forever.

Can Carrie have the courage to stand up for what is right? Will her life be ruined, or will this be the start of something wonderful?

Find out in this sweet mail order bride romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

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