The No Good Cowboy and the Unwanted Baby

The No Good Cowboy and the Unwanted Baby

Ellen is eighteen, pregnant and alone. The only people in her life are a drunken father and a no good cowboy.... what will she do?

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(You have asked me for some longer books and so this series includes all longer books. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have writing them.)

Ellen has spent her life in a tiny rundown shack, taking in washing until her fingers bleed to pay for her father’s drinking. Then one day Russell, a handsome cowboy noticed her. He treated her real good and told her they would be married. All he had to do was save the money for a place.

Ellen finally believed she could escape, but when Russell finds out about the baby he pushes her to the floor and starts terrible rumors about her. Ellen cannot believe he wouldn’t want the baby. Even though she hates being pregnant out of wedlock she already loves her child. She will do anything for it to have a better life than her.

A local business owner sees Ellen pushed and steps in to help. Her quiet dignity affects him and soon he is in love. Only Ellen knows that Russell will marry her, he told her so and she believes it with all her heart.
Will she miss the best thing that the good Lord sent her or will she cherish the future she has been offered? Find out in The No Good Cowboy and the Unwanted Baby a sweet western historical romance form bestselling author Indiana Wake.

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