The Most Wonderful Man

The Most Wonderful Man

When Marie Bamber sees someone in need, she cannot help but act. Little does she know that her interfering has damaged a young man's pride. 

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When Marie sees Skip Crowley asking the schoolmistress to let his sisters into class, she cannot help but offer to pay their fees. It is the sort of interfering that her father has warned her about, and she can see that Skip is hurt.

Marie asks around and finds that Skip’s father was a notorious drunk and that the town treats him the same. She knows this has to change, and she is just the person to do a bit of low key interfering. As Skip’s reputation improves and he gets more work, Marie is starting to fall for him, despite her father’s warning, she can’t help but interfere once more. Only this time she has taken it too far.

Can Skip realize that her heart is in the right place, or has she lost The Most Wonderful Man? Find out in this sweet, western, historical romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

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