The Misjudged Bride

The Misjudged Bride

Love, lies, and a race against time. Simon’s father has tricked a mail order bride in coming to marry him. Can love overcome such treachery?

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Jason McCabe is dying. There is a prophecy in the family that if his sons are not married before he dies that his family will lose their fortune and fall into ruin. Jason will not allow this and so he has been writing to 5 mail order brides and intends to see his sons married.

Helen arrives at the ranch to find that she has been lied to. It was not, Simon McCabe, her prospective husband who had been writing such sweet letters, but the family’s solicitor. The man she is promised to hates her on sight, especially her red hair. Now Helen is lost. With nowhere to turn she works to hard in the hot sun and is soon very ill.

Will she end up without a home and nothing to her name or can love and an ancient prophecy win out over such odds? Find out in The Misjudged Bride a sweet western historical romance.

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