The Miner’s Courageous Bride

The Miner’s Courageous Bride
Series: The Mail Order Brides of Gray Rock, Book 1
Genre: Mail Order Brides
Tag: mail order brides

The mining town of Gray Rock is rough and short of women. When Jamison’s mother orders him a bride he is determined it will never work.

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About the Book

Jamison McCord is a brave but shy miner. He has trouble making friends but he’s happy with his life. He doesn’t understand why his mother is so determined to find him a wife.

Drusilla Snyder is a lady’s maid whose charge is getting married and moving to South Carolina. Drusilla swore she would never go back there, her only alternative is to head west to Gray Rock, Colorado as a mail order bride. Maybe this is a good thing, maybe she will find love!

Jamison is not treating Drusilla as she had hoped. He is distant and unfriendly. It is almost as if he didn’t want her there.
When she discovers the truth, Drusilla decides to leave, but danger lurks in Gray Rock ready to strike at the unsuspecting.

Can Jamison accept Drusilla and the feelings he has for her before it’s too late?

Find out if Jamison and Drusilla discover love in the Miner’s Courageous Bride

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