The Marked Orphan Bride and A Baby for the Brave Sheriff

The Marked Orphan Bride and A Baby for the Brave Sheriff

Carla must find her courage to save a baby, but will she ever be safe?
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About the Book

Carla has known nothing but the orphanage for all her life. Derided because of the birthmark that covers half of her face, her only friend is Sally. When Sally dies in childbirth, she begs Carla to save her baby’s life.

With Baby Marsha wrapped in her arms, Carla runs for their lives, making the long walk to the next town, Carrick Plains. There she finds comfort and help in a way she never expected. Soon she begins to relax, but Sheriff, Bud Jeffries, is curious about this newcomer.

Carla is scared, she knows that her marked face makes her stand out. The father of baby Marsha has a lot to lose, and he is still searching for the child that could destroy him.

Bud cannot get Carla out of his mind as he gets to know her love begins to form, but in trying to help her, he makes a deadly mistake.

Danger has found Carla, she knows that once again, she must run to save the baby.

Will Bud accept his love and save her from the terror stalking her and the baby before it’s too late? Can Bud and Carla find Love Against the Odds?

Find out in The Marked Orphan Bride and A Baby for the Brave Sheriff. A new full length sweet, historical western novel guaranteed to make you fall in love.

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