The Maid’s Blessing

The Maid’s Blessing
Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: Victorian Romance

Two friends stand on the docks and watch the men they love sail away. It is only for a short time, so why does Nora feel like this is the end?

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About the Book

Nora and Valeria have been through so much together. Once, two scared little orphan girls, now they live in a nice house having found love and family. The pregnant Nora can scarcely understand why the men must leave right now. The old feelings of fear and insecurity come tumbling back over her, threatening to drown her in their wake. It is as if she has never accepted the home she lives in and the comfort and safety it provides.

When no word comes her feelings get worse and then a knock on the door gives her the terrible news. There was a storm, the ship was lost, with all souls presumed dead.

Nora’s husband’s family were never pleased that he married beneath him and can’t wait to throw the wretched beggar’s back onto the street. It seems their only hope of a place to stay is if Valeria accepts a proposal from a most heinous man. Though it is the last thing she wants she will do it to keep Nora and her unborn child safe.

Is there any way that she can find happiness or will it be worse that the orphanage she once wanted to escape so desperately?

Find out in The Maid’s Blessing a Victorian romance set in the dank and dismal streets of Victorian London

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