The Lord and the Lost Ship

The Lord and the Lost Ship
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

A lost ship, the chance of ruin, must Lady Victoria marry an old man to save her family?

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About the Book

Lady Victoria Rushton and Viscount George Peplow grew up and fell in love over the years. They expected to marry, but everything changes on one dark night.

George’s father the Earl of Richbury has made a series of disastrous investments that have led his family into bankruptcy. Upon hearing that a ship carrying half his wealth is lost at sea the Earl falls ill and dies.

A wealthy widow sets her sights on George and he’s left little choice but to accept the arrogant woman’s proposal. She is willing to pay off his father’s debts and take care of his family if he will marry her thereby giving her the title she’s always dreamed of.

Things only get worse when Victoria discovers her own family is having money troubles. Her father has arranged for her to marry The Duke of Bovington. Though he is a lovely man, Victoria has little desire to marry a man as old as the Duke.

Will Victoria give up her true love and settle for a loveless marriage or will she fight to discover the truth?

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