The Little Lost Girl

The Little Lost Girl
Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: Victorian Romance

Greta and Albert were the best of friends since they were babies, they are ripped apart when tragedy strikes their families.

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About the Book

Greta Williams and Albert Shaw spent almost every day together. When their fathers are sent to Australia it leaves them alone. In fear of the workhouse, they run. Surviving on their own while a killer stalks the streets is no easy feat but they manage and their relationship begins to grow. Maybe they have happiness at last…

Just one wrong move and they are caught, viscously torn apart, and sent to different workhouses.

Greta is alone, she must learn to survive on her own for the first time. Every day is a harsh punishment and she misses Albert fiercely. Can she survive, can she ever find happiness?

Her attempts to escape earn her punishment and attention from a man who makes her skin crawl. Can she keep him away from her?

Living in fear takes its toll and just when things are looking up she’s dealt another devastating blow.

Is it possible for Greta to escape the evil clutches of those who wish to hurt her?
Will she be reunited with Albert once again?
Is there a happy ending in her future?

Find out in this new Victorian Romance from Bestselling Authors Jessica Weir & Sadie Hope

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