The Lambright Sisters: Catherine

The Lambright Sisters: Catherine
Series: The Lambright Sisters Amish Heart and Soul, Book 3
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

Reunited with friends and family, Catherine Lambright must decide if Gott is leading her towards marriage with an Amish man or if the Englischer she gave her heart to deserves another chance.
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About the Book

Catherine’s return to Faith’s Creek is a happy one. She’s still a bit sad following the death of a dear friend and the loss of a man she was starting to love but looking forward to making a life in the community she loves.

Englischer Paul Lynch is deeply in love with Catherine. The thought of living without her has him traveling to Faith’s Creek. Paul is willing to do whatever it takes including commit to her faith and way of life in order to call Catherine his wife.
Catherine’s mother is determined to keep her daughter in Faith’s Creek, and she’s come up with the perfect plan… a marriage match with Marshall Kemp.

Will Paul arrive in time to save Catherine from a doomed relationship? Can he prove his intentions towards Catherine are honorable and his desire to join her community sincere?

Find out if Gott can lead Catherine, Paul, and her family to a happily ever after in the final book in Bestselling Author Sarah Miller’s The Lambright Sisters Amish Heart and Soul series.

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