The Lady and the Reluctant Earl

The Lady and the Reluctant Earl
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Alexis Grey has set her sights on Edmund, the new Earl of Winterbury. Only Edmund is determined to stop such nonsense.

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About the Book

Alexis Grey is quite the unconventional woman. She cares little for the whims of high society and instead pushes forward with her bold ideas—and she’s caught the eye of the new Earl of Winterbury.

Edmund doesn’t quite know what to make of Alexis. He’s lived a sheltered, traumatized life in the shadow of his father, and now that he’s free of his influence he’s quite content to work himself to death and hide in his library. That is, until he meets Alexis.

The woman is everything he was taught women shouldn’t be. He will have none of this and hatches a plan. Tricking her into the arms of another man will get rid of her. That way, he can call a scandal, and destroy her reputation. It seemed like the perfect solution. So why does he feel so awful?

Can love ever make its way into Edmund’s heart? Will Alexis be shattered and broken by such cruelty? Find out in The Lady and the Reluctant Earl a sweet Regency Romance by bestselling author Charlotte Darcy.

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