The Hidden Heiress

The Hidden Heiress
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

A stubborn Lady on the hunt for love will go to extreme lengths to find the perfect man but if she’s not careful her actions may cost her Mr. Perfect.
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About the Book

Lady Phoebe Chapman is a wealthy twenty-four-year-old heiress looking for love but only finding gold diggers. She’s tired of being surrounded by the same type of man who wants her for her money alone. With her lady’s maid Sally, she devises a plan to find the perfect man for her.

Phoebe goes undercover as a maid in the home of Lord Simon Ward. While she finds Simon frosty in the beginning, she does enjoy employment. When she works at a party as the maid, she’s happy to learn that not all men are after money.

Lord Simon Ward has suffered at the hands of lost love and isn’t eager to trust another woman. Because of this he often comes off cold and angry. While Simon and Phoebe’s relationship starts off with a series of misunderstandings, they soon realize how much in common they have.

Can these two find love when their relationship begins with a lie?

Can Phoebe show a jaded Simon the power of her love for him or will he let his past blind him to the possibility of a future full of love and happiness?

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