The Earl’s Forbidden Love

The Earl’s Forbidden Love
Series: The Montcrieff's of Castleton, Book 1
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

A forbidden love, secret meetings, and scandal in the waiting.

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About the Book

Grace Somerville’s heart is breaking. How can she bear to see the man she loves married to another? How can she see him every day and not tell him what is in her heart?

Her love is forbidden and the Dowager will make sure that she know her place.

Grace is the daughter of a solicitor and Adam is the Earl of Castleton. Though they have always been friends, now they are all grown up, and the Earl is bound for an arranged marriage.

Dorothea Berenger is a suitable bride. Her dowry will bring welcome money to the estate and the wedding is soon to take place. So why is Dorothea traveling to London and who is she meeting?

Is there hope for Grace and Adam or will he have a loveless marriage just like his father?

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