The Crippled Mail Order Bride Promised to His Brother

The Crippled Mail Order Bride Promised to His Brother

It is 1885 and a crippled woman heads west in search of love.

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About the Book

In this much loved series ordinary women overcome extraordinary circumstances to find true love with real men strong enough to ignore prejudice and find real love.

Anna is tired of the horrible comments and pitying glances. So she has a limp, does that mean she can’t find love? Encouraged by her best friend Jolene she applies at the Pioneer Brides Mail Order Bride Agency. At last she will meet a man who will not be surprised by her bad leg.

But Mrs. Hawkins has run the Mail Order Bride agency for years. She knows what men want and she wants to help this precious little flower who is so in need of love. A little rub of the eraser and Anna looks a much better candidate.

Anna travels west to meet the Gellman brothers but they are surprised by her limp. How will they cope with the knowledge? Do they think she lied and will they send her home?

Anna finds herself spending a lot of time with the younger brother. For the first time in her life a man is treating her with respect. She finds her heart falling for the wrong brother.
What is she to do and will she ever find true love?

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