The Courage to Love

The Courage to Love

The Claytons want her ranch. With her husband gone they may even get it.

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About the Book

Charlotte meadows lost her husband, and is left with two daughters, a son, and a failing ranch. How will she cope?

Charlotte longs to keep the ranch. Her husband, Cal, would have wanted that. Now the Claytons, a new wealthy family in town, plans to buy up everything and they’re not above dirty tactics. How will Charlotte cope?

Garth Martin owed Cal Meadows his life. Can he return the favor by helping Charlotte save the ranch? Can he and the family work together to bring purpose and some happiness back to their lives?

As the Claytons move in for the kill, Charlotte must decide whether to take a risk on new love or to give it and the ranch up.

Can Charlotte have it all? Can she keep the ranch and have The Courage to Love again?

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