The Bulldog and the Buried Body

The Bulldog and the Buried Body
Series: Dog Detective - A Bulldog on the Case, Book 3
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: cozy mystery

Lola didn’t purchase her new home expecting skeletons in the closet…but that’s what she found.
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About the Book

Between her work as a PI and caring for her French Bulldog, US Army veteran Lola Ramsay has her hands full. South-Brooke is supposed to be a sleepy English village, however, unearthed secrets send her life spiraling in a new direction.

Why are people digging up her new property late at night?

Oh oh, Sassy smells the remains of a ten-year-old murder case. Soon, the lead investigator has his sights set on Lola’s friend Alice as the main suspect.

Now it’s up to Lola to prove Alice’s innocence before her friend is pinned for a crime she didn’t commit. But in a case, this cold, with this many suspects, evidence is hard to come by, even for a PI as savvy as Lola.

Lucky for her, Sassy has a few tricks up her doggie sleeves…and a thing for socks. Using their combined special abilities, can Lola and Sassy dig up dirt on the dead woman and her suspicious past? Or will Alice face worse than having her reputation destroyed forever: life in jail?

If you like smart women, loveable Frenchies, and intriguing puzzles in your cozy mystery series, then you’ll love Rosie Sams’s delightful countryside adventure.

Get ready for lots of laughs as you join Sassy, the Frenchie, to solve this murder mystery.

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