The Broken Hearted Bride

The Broken Hearted Bride

Heart broken and humiliated, Anna was left by Harland, her childhood sweetheart for another woman. Will she ever learn to trust again? Find out in this sweet historical western romance.

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About the Book

(You have asked me for some longer books and so this series includes all longer books, 3 times as long as my normal books. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have writing them.)

It is 1879 and Anna has built a life without love, without a man, and she is happy with what she has. Many men have tried to break down her barriers but she will never put herself into that position again. Will never feel the sting of humiliation, or experience the fear of failure.

Doctor Dayton Clements is new to town and struggling. A widower for some years, he is finally over his grief but it has been replaced by loneliness. Will people learn to trust the new doctor or has he made a terrible mistake?

Anna is his first patient and they become close. Will Dayton finally be the one to gain her love and trust?
When Harland comes back to town, a widower himself, Anna is put into an impossible situation. Will she chose an old love, a new love, or will she hide from love all together?

Find out in this sweet historical western romance The Broken Hearted Bride.

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