The Bride Who Stole His Heart

The Bride Who Stole His Heart

A new beginning, a good husband, and a home is all Amy and her friends want. Can the Hearts and Hands Mail Order Bride Agency give it to them?

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About the Book

Amy arrives with her cousin Andrea, and two other friends. From the moment they get off the train the men make it clear that they are in great demand. Sheriff Philip Antony comes to their rescue.

Amy is to be the first of them to be married but she is not finding any of the men suitable. Could it be because she has fallen for a confirmed bachelor, the handsome Sheriff?

Philip can’t get Amy out of his mind and yet he doesn’t want to marry. So why does the thought of her with another man drive him insane?

Trouble is always close in the gold rush town can the sheriff keep everyone safe without losing his heart?

Find out in The Bride who Stole his Heart a sweet western historical romance by bestselling authors Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer.

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