The Bride Who Ran Away

The Bride Who Ran Away

Melissa knows her love is unrequited but can she settle for something less?

About the Book

Melissa had fallen out with God when she traveled to San Francisco as a mail order bride. Yet she finds her solace in the small church and the calm and gentle pastor who listens to all her troubles. Soon she realizes that she has fallen for Pastor Sean Foster but could he ever feel the same for her?

Melissa soon realizes that her love is not returned and she despair takes hold. Though she had come here to marry for a secure future she now knows she will have love or nothing.

Then an opportunity is presented she could become a nun. The more she prays the more it draws her.
When Sean finds out that Melissa is leaving he must find his courage and face his fears.

Can love win out or will two lonely souls stay apart forever?

Find out in The Bride who Ran Away a sweet western historical romance by bestselling authors Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer.

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