The Bride the Boys and the Bank Robber

The Bride the Boys and the Bank Robber

As a young mother of three boys Ann knows her chances of marriage are slim, but maybe she has a chance?

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Ann finds work at the saloon. Richard, the owner, is a little abrasive but his mother looks after the three boys, aged 5, 3 and 2, while Ann works.
Ann gets a lot of attention, but the men aren’t interested in becoming a father to three children.
Richard shows a softer side around the children, which Ann notices. She finds out his wife was killed in a bank raid, losing their baby. Though it was a long while ago he has never recovered.

When two gunmen try to rob the saloon, he wonders if history is repeating itself. Will he find his true love or will it all be taken from him?

Find out in The Bride, the Boys, and the Bank Robber a sweet historical western romance by bestselling authors Indiana Wake & Belle Fiffer.

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