The Bride and the Secret Cowboy

The Bride and the Secret Cowboy

When she finds the man she loves, Emma thinks that her life is finally complete. But there is one who would see them kept apart.

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About the Book

Emma and Herman are slowly getting their friendship back on track despite Herman’s secret.
There only problem is with his boss’s younger sister Samantha, a spoiled child who is infatuated with Herman. She tries to keep the two of them apart and eventually drives Emma away.

Distraught and in pain Emma is about to make a big mistake. She is running back to Philadelphia, but if she is caught, she could be sent to the gallows.
Will Herman find her in time and can he finally reveal his secret?

Find out if Emma finds love after all her trials in The Bride and the Secret Cowboy a sweet western historical romance by bestselling authors Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer.

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