The Brave Bride for the Drifter

The Brave Bride for the Drifter

Outcast because of her mother’s sins, will Erin be forced to break a promise to survive?

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About the Book

Erin Myers lives on the edge of Hope Ridge. Taking in washing, she makes a meager living, but since her mother died, men have been calling asking for something that Erin will not give.

Strong and brave, she fights them off. It is that spirit that makes her act when she sees a boy from the local Indian tribe accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

Jacob Hanley comes from a good family. It was thought that Jacob would join the family business. Only, for Jacob, an office would be the worst thing he could face. He likes to out on the range. Working as a cowboy, he has saved some money and got himself a nice home. Marriage never occurred to him until he sees Erin’s bravery. Now he wants to protect her from the town, but can he?

Trouble is brewing in Hope Ridge, Erin finds herself in the middle of it. Can this brave outcast stick to her principles and find a love to make her dreams come true?

Find out in A Brave Bride for the Drifter a sweet mail order bride romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

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