The Big Beautiful Mail Order Brides of Montana

The Big Beautiful Mail Order Brides of Montana

Join 4 beautiful, strong and brave women as they overcome terrible challenges to find love with handsome, courageous cowboys in this much loves series.

About the Book

Two Big Beautiful Brides for Two Bad Brothers – It is 1893 and two brothers must find brides or lose their home.
Jarrett and Lawton Treherne live on the Lazy T Ranch. Everything was perfect until their Pa decided they either take wives or leave the ranch. But the boys have a plan. They will send for Mail Order Brides, but nothing will change. Why should it?
Susan and Ellie are down on their luck. Living with a mean Aunt following the death of their father they are given an ultimatum. They have to leave. The advertisement for Mail Order Brides seems perfect. Two Big Beautiful Women will make the two brothers the perfect brides.
But things do not go to plan. The two Big Beautiful Mail Order Brides find Two Bad Brothers and something is going to have to change.
Will the ladies tame these Western men and live happily ever after or will they end up in even greater peril.

Saved by the Rancher – Ellie is happily married but the rude and arrogant Lawton Treherne is not the man for Susan. She is only staying at the Lazy T while she nurses an injured dog back to health.
So why does Lawton always carry his rifle?
Why won’t he let them travel alone?
Is something sinister going on and is her sister in danger?
Susan will do anything to save Ellie and that includes asking Lawton what is wrong.
“It is just rustlers he tells her, all is under control.”
But when Susan goes missing Lawton would move mountains to get her back.
Will he find her in time and will he save her or will his heart be broken once more?

The Scarred Bride & the Handsome Rancher – The year is 1895 and a scarred woman sits alone at the roadside.
When Susan and Ellie find a scarred woman, covered in mud and all alone they know God wants them to help her.
Soon Emily is part of the family and Foster Treherne find himself having feelings he didn’t thing possible. Not since he lost his wife. So why is his son worried about Emily? What is she hiding and will it come back to haunt them?
One night a knock at the door brings her past back to haunt them. Will it destroy the family or can love and God overcome all?

The Widowed, Pregnant and Beaten Bride Saved by the Chivalrous Cowboy – Gina has lost her husband, her home and is pregnant. Will a mail order bride advert answer her prayers or put her in deeper trouble? How was she to know the man she is to marry has a temper. What will become of her? Two sisters and a chivalrous cowboy want to help. Will Gina let them? Can they intervene in time and what will become of this broken hearted widow. Will she ever find a love than can heal her heart?

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