The Big Beautiful Bride Stolen by the Cattle Rustler

The Big Beautiful Bride Stolen by the Cattle Rustler

A Big Beautiful Bride, the Pastor, and the Cattle Rustler

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About the Book

Nettie is a Big Beautiful Bride, who came West to marry a young cowboy. That marriage fell through, depressed and hurt she withdraws into herself.

Everyone is pushing her towards the handsome Pastor, Jacob Pitcher. But Nettie cannot believe that a man such as Jacob would have anything but pity for a woman as big as her.

When a charming cowboy asks her out, she feels it is her only hope for happiness.

Is he all he seems, and will she find out too late what his real intentions are?

Jacob loves Nettie but cannot make her see. Pushed away by her romance with this cowboy, will he give up on his love or make one last try to win her heart?

When danger threatens Nettie’s life, can Jacob save her, or will all be lost for both of them?

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