The Beginning in the End

The Beginning in the End

Jane has fallen for David but fears that he loves her sister more. Can she find happiness without taking it from someone else?

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About the Book

Jane came to Texas to marry David. She had been writing to him for some time and he allowed her to bring her widowed and pregnant sister Catherine and swore that she would have a home. Only it wasn’t David Jane had been writing to but the family’s solicitor Russell. All her dreams were shattered but she still hopes to win David’s love and find a home for her, her sister, and the baby to come.

David spends more and more time with her sister and Jane begins to believe that he has found his love. It cuts her deeply for she has fallen for the quiet, confident, and handsome young doctor. To help everyone she decides to leave and start a new life alone.

Has Jane made the right decision? To give up her own love for her sister?
Will she ever find happiness?
Find out in this sweet historical western romance that is guaranteed a happy ending.

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