The Beast and the Baron’s Daughter

The Beast and the Baron’s Daughter
Series: Regency Fairy Tales, Book 1
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Discover a tale as old as time in this sweet and wholesome romance, The Beast and the Baron’s Daughter.

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About the Book

After the death of her father Jane finds herself in a tough situation. He may have been a Baron, but he left her with little. To get by Jane takes a job as a companion with the aging Lady Ariadne Melton a wealthy, spirited woman.

Nathaniel Alexander, the Earl of Sotheby, has become quite the recluse after being wounded during the war. Once known for his wealth and handsomeness Nathaniel cannot bear for people to see his now ruined face.

Lady Ariadne is determined that Jane shall storm Nathaniel’s castle. Though, he is not prepared for the events his Aunt has in store or the people he must face. This most terrifying of tasks would be unbearable, but, Jane is sympathetic of Nathaniel’s plight and determined to help him overcome his shame.

Can Nathaniel accept the love offered to him or will he forever remain alone in the darkness?

Find out in the first of Bestselling Author Charlotte Darcy’s re-imagined fairy tale romance the amusing and romantic tale of The Beast and the Baron’s Daughter.

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