The Baker’s Baby

The Baker’s Baby
Series: Five Amish Babies
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

The Faith’s Creek rumor mill is heating up when a newcomer arrives with a baby. Will the young man find a future in the community and possibly love, or will rumors chase him out of town?
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About the Book

Daniel Lapp tragically lost his sister and her husband to a house fire. He was barely able to save her baby David from the flames. Now, Daniel is searching for the perfect place to raise David. As an experienced baker and woodworker, Daniel is hopeful when he learns of a baker who may need his help.

Since the death of her husband, Rebecca Stoltzfus has been struggling to raise her daughter Nancy and run her bakery. She believes Gott wouldn’t give her more than she can handle, but running the bakery and being a single parent tests her faith. While Rebecca is a bit wary of the new stranger, she needs his help.

Rebecca is impressed with Daniel’s baking and his love for baby David. It’s a delight to watch them interact.
Daniel never dreamed he could feel so fulfilled, but raising David and working with Rebecca brings him immense joy.

Unfortunately for Daniel, the town’s gossip, Leah Schwartz, has her eye on him. Her desperation to marry has her driving a wedge between Daniel and Rebecca’s burgeoning relationship. Leah’s unhappiness leads her to make an awful decision that has horrendous consequences for Daniel and the life he’s building in Faith’s Creek.

Will Rebecca be able to see past the rumors surrounding Daniel? Will Daniel and David find their forever home, or will others’ false words bring heartache to them all?

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