The Baby, the Scandal, and the Christmas Love

The Baby, the Scandal, and the Christmas Love
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

A baby scandal is all the talk of Sussex and young Christine Ashford is determined to find out the truth even if it ends her budding relationship.

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About the Book

Twenty-year-old Christine Ashford is happy being single and flirting her way through high society. She’s in no hurry to find a man to marry when suddenly there are two catching her eye.
George Willis, a Lord’s son, takes an instant liking to Christine and he’s eager to take their relationship to the next level… marriage.

Simon Marbury is a secretive man who piques Christine’s interest upon first sight. The rumors around Simon put Christine off but she can’t stop thinking about the mysterious man.

The rumor mill works overtime sharing the news of a scandalous baby. Christine is desperate for the truth regarding the two men in her life. Will she make the right choice in time to celebrate Christmas, or will she end up with a dastardly man?

Find out in The Baby, the Scandal, and the Christmas Love a sweet Regency romance.

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