The Baby and the Broken Heart

The Baby and the Broken Heart
Genre: Amish Romance

Abigail and Josiah are in a good place in their life with their future to look forward to.

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About the Book

They’re deeply in love, content in their home and enjoy living in Faith’s Creek. When Miriam and Lucas move in next door, Abigail and Josiah quickly make them feel welcome. Miriam and Abigail become good friends.

Lucas and Miriam came to Faith’s Creek for a new start, a new home, new community, new friends and to leave their old life behind. Through the kindness and acceptance of Abigail and Josiah, it seems like that can finally happen.

Miriam’s forgetfulness can be combated through love and patience, just as her fears of being unable to bear Lucas a child might even be forgotten.

The Lord blessed Miriam with a child and does the same with Abigail; both friends are thrilled at going through the ups and downs of pregnancy together. But then tragedy strikes Miriam on the way to a quilting circle.

Darkness falls on Faith’s Creek, can Abigail help them find the light of God again?
Find out in The Baby and the Broken Heart a sweet Amish Romance from from bestselling author Sarah Miller.

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