The Baby and the Angel Bride for the Injured Deputy

The Baby and the Angel Bride for the Injured Deputy

Can a Deputy save his bride from a train wreck or will he have to leave her behind to save a trapped baby?

About the Book

Lucy is running away from home. Life there is unbearable and now she is threatened with work in a factory that she knows will be the death of her. Constantly being told she is ugly, her confidence is low but a Mail Order Bride agency changes all that.

Ezra is a young deputy who wants to change the word and make it better. Waiting for the train to bring his bride he hears the terrible news that the train has crashed.

Ezra races for the train and scrambles through helping everyone he can. A young mom is dying and he must make the choice, can he save her baby? All the time Lucy is trapped in the train.

Find out if Lucy escapes and what happens to the baby in this exciting romance from bestselling authors Belle Fiffer and Indiana Wake.

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