The Art of Murder

The Art of Murder
Series: Dog Detective - A Bulldog on the Case, Book 1
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: cozy mystery

A new country, a new home, a cute French Bulldog who won’t stop talking, and a severe case of PTSD. The last thing Lola needs now is a murder!
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About the Book

Lola Ramsay is an ex-army veteran who is trying to keep it quiet that she can hear her dog talking. Her friend, Tanya has invited her to a new life in a sleepy British village. It seems the perfect place to work out if this is all in her head. But, if Tanya finds out, will she think she’s crazy?

Sassy the Frenchie is fitting in well. Winning over everyone with her amber eyes, cute smile, and grumbly groaning noises that only a Frenchie lover would understand. At an art class, they meet Colin. He seems to like Lola but what is he hiding?

When a member of the class is found dead and Tanya is the main suspect, Lola and Sassy must do what they can to discover the real culprit.

The suspects are many. It will take all of Lola’s wit, Sassy’s nose, and a bit of local cooperation if they are to solve the crime and save her friend.

If you like sweet, family-friendly, small-town mysteries with the cutest French Bulldog detective, then you will love The Art of Murder.

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